UK Ministers’ Conference

Devoted to Christ’s Church

17-20 April 2023

Conference booking is now CLOSED. However, tickets will shortly go on sale to enable viewers to watch the main conference sessions.

The UK Ministers’ Conference is an annual event where men gather from a variety of ministerial vocations to worship God and sit under the preaching of his Word.

The experiences of the past several years have forced us to think about church in ways, perhaps, that we have never done so before. For many, it has led to a hitherto unexperienced appreciation for the church. When we are deprived of something precious, we often discover how much we have taken it for granted.

This year’s Ministers’ Conference provides an opportunity for us to gather as the Christ-appointed shepherds of his flock and think afresh on what his church actually is and why it matters so much, not just for his people, but for the well-being of the world.

The church is the epicentre of divine worship here on earth. Indeed, in Christ, as we gather each Lord’s Day, we are actually caught up into the heavenly realms as we offer our sacrifice of praise to God. It is the community in which the saints are equipped for service – the family in which we are spiritually nourished, shaped and moulded through ministering to ‘one another’ in order that we might minister to the world in all its need. Join with us as we savour afresh the glorious body of Christ.

Conference Schedule:

Monday 17 April

5.00pm: Opening Sermon: Abounding in Hope (Romans 15:13) – Hugh Collier

8.15pm: What is the Church? (Mt. 16:13-20) – Terry Johnson

Tuesday 18 April

8.15am: Conference Prayer Time

9.15am: ‘Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken’ – Philip Eveson

11.00am: The Significance of Public Worship – Warren Peel

5.00pm: Following Flavel: In the Footsteps of an Evangelical Pastor – Jeremy Walker

8.15pm: What Does the Church Look Like? (Mt. 18:15-20) – Terry Johnson

Wednesday 19 April

8.15am: Conference Prayer Time

9.15am: The Joy of Public Worship – Warren Peel

11.00am: Is It Worth It? – Paul Levy

5.00pm: Global Updates – Ian Hamilton (Chair)

8.15pm: What Is the Church to Do? (Mt. 28:16-20)Terry Johnson

Thursday 20 April

8.15am: Conference Prayer Time

9.15am: ‘We love the place, O God’ – Philip Eveson

11.00am: Closing Sermon: ‘Him We Proclaim’ (Colossians 1:28) – Robert Strivens


Breakfast, 7:00–8:15AM | Lunch, 12:30–1:15pm | Dinner, 6:30pm

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