East Coast Ministers’ Conference

What Is Man?

May 28 May 30, 2024
Elizabethtown, PA, USA

What is Man?

What Is Man? Responding to Contemporary Challenges

From its very first chapter, the Bible makes it clear that human beings are unique within the created order. More than this, it defines our uniqueness by saying that we – both male and female – are made in the image and likeness of God himself (Genesis 1:26–27). The implications for this in terms of understanding our identity and recognising our responsibilities in life, are traced upwards to God and our relationship with him.

The post-Enlightenment era, in which we live, has reshaped and redefined our self-understanding as a race; and, despite its claim to usher in new freedoms, it has created a level of confusion, angst and social disintegration not witnessed before. Many Christians have been left floundering as to how we should respond.

Hence the theme for this year’s Ministers’ Conference. We as pastors have a unique responsibility, not only to lead our congregations towards a deeper knowledge of God; but, as Calvin so astutely points out, to a deeper knowledge of ourselves as well. This is the very essence of ‘wisdom’ in its purest form.

Our prayer for the conference is that as we are reminded of this great reality, we will be better equipped and emboldened to instruct our people more effectively.


Burk Parsons

Carl Trueman

Craig Troxel

Mark Johnston

Andy Young

David Garner

Conference Schedule

Tuesday, May 28

11:00am–3:15pm: Registration (Leffler Chapel Lobby)

3.30pm: Session 1
Andy YoungOpening Address

5:00pm-6:30pm: Dinner

7:00pm: Session 2
Carl Trueman,The Desecration of Man

8:15pm: Refreshments (Leffler Chapel)

Wednesday, May 29

7:00am–8:00am: Breakfast

8:15am–8:45am: Corporate Prayer

9:00 am: Session 3
Burk Parsons, The Suppression of Truth

10:15am: Refreshments (Leffler Chapel)

10:45am: Session 4
David Garner,Creation and Human Dignity

12:00pm–1:30pm: Lunch

1:00pm–3:00pm:Free Time
(Gym, racquetball & pool open)

3:15pm: Session 5
TBA, Short Address

3:30pm: Session 6
Craig Troxel, A Heart Set on Heaven

5:00pm–6:30pm: Dinner

7:00pm:Session 7
Carl Trueman, The Consecration of Man

Thursday, May 30

7:00am–8:00am: Breakfast

8:15am–8:45am: Corporate Prayer

9:00am: Session 8
Burk Parsons, The Purpose of Humanity

10:15am: Refreshments (Leffler Chapel)

10:45am: Session 9
Craig Troxel, A Heart Set on Wisdom

12:00pm–1:00pm: Lunch

1:30pm: Session 10
David GarnerResurrection and Human Identity

2:45pm: Session 11
Mark Johnston, Closing Address


Who attends?

The East Coast Ministers’ Conference is arranged for:

  1. Ordained ministers (including retirees)
  2. Missionaries and Chaplains (including retirees)
  3. Those being trained for church ministry in a seminary or those who teach in a seminary
  4. Those being set aside for pastoral ministry in-church
  5. Church officers involved in preaching, teaching, or pastoral care at a particular church

We ask that only men attend to maximize opportunities for fellowship, accountability, and prayer. We understand the difficulty of being away from family for a couple of nights, but one of the goals of this conference is to encourage men to forge strong friendships with like-minded brothers and fellow gospel ministers.

Where is it located?

Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown PA. Some might ask, “Why host a conference at a college campus?” A college campus allows us to keep everyone together. The vast majority of the attendees will stay in the campus dorms, share meals together at the campus food court, and enjoy fellowship together in the campus recreation centers.

What does it cost?

The Elizabethtown College campus allows us to keep the conference rates low. This is an important feature of Banner of Truth conferences, for we want to reach out to as many pastors as possible, not all of whom are serving in large and prosperous congregations. Our conference fee, which ranges from $200 to $405 is great value for money when you consider it covers room and full board, conference registration, bookstore gift certificates, and the use of all campus facilities. There are absolutely no hidden costs!

Rooms and Registration

Registration RatesEarly BirdAdvance SaverStandardLate
November 30, 2023
December 1, 2023
to February 29, 2024
March 1, 2024
to April 30, 2024
April 30, 2024
1Standard Plan$335$355$385$425
2Standard+ Plan$375$395$425$465
3Apartment Accommodations$355$375$405$445
4Seminary Student$240$260$290$330
5Registration Only $170$190$220$230
  1. Standard Plan: 2 person bedroom in dorm accommodation with shared (4-8 people) bathroom facilities. 2 nights accommodation and a 6-meal plan (Tuesday supper to Thursday lunch).

  2. Standard+ Plan: Single bedroom in dorm accommodation with shared (4-8 people) bathroom facilities. 2 nights accommodation and a 6-meal plan (Tuesday supper to Thursday lunch). Limited availability.

  3. Apartment Accommodations: 4 person apartment with two twin bedrooms and shared bathroom facilities. Must be booked as a group of four at time of booking. Price is per person and includes 2 nights accommodation and a 6-meal plan (Tuesday supper to Thursday lunch). Limited availability.

  4. Seminary Student: Based on the standard plan.

  5. Registration Only: You arrange your own accommodations and meals (meal tickets available on campus).

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